Celebrating 10,000 Posts of Runaways!

to all our posters and lurkers
for making this board successful!

I am so proud of us! After eight months at :ff:,
we have finally hit our first amazing milestone!
Congrats to the show and the fans and the posters on
making it to 10,000 posts with only 10 episodes of content.
The characters are complex and give us plenty to talk about.
We're ready and waiting for more. And the next season is
quickly approaching. I'm ready to dive deeper into the
Runaways and how they survive. And I'm happy and proud
to do that on this board with all of you. Here's to our first
celebration. :cheers: And here's to another 10K, 50K, and
many more seasons and comics to come. Thank you.
- Artemis {Jackie}

10,000 posts! I honestly can't believe it. I first got into Runaways over a decade ago,
when the comics originally started coming out. As a teen in high school, I fell in love
with this group of characters who felt like they really reflected who I was and how I felt,
even though our circumstances were wildly different. They were kids who bonded,
who felt a strong sense of family within their friend group. Who fought and made up
and fell in love. And of course as a lesbian teenager I was excited to find myself in Karolina,
who was not just a stereotype or a statistic, but a full realized character who I could relate to
and root for. As the years passed, my love for Runaways only deepened. Even when the comics
were on hiatus for 10 years, I still continued to love and follow the characters whenever they showed up in other comics.
I am so grateful that in 2017, not only did I get Runaways back into my life as a comic, but also a TV show.
It wasn't the movie Marvel had always promised us -- but it turned out to be much better than that.
Yes, there were differences between the show and comics, but these were my Runaways.
These were the kids that I knew and loved. I couldn't be happier with the way they're portrayed.
(And yes, my gigantic shipper heart nearly exploded with love when Karolina/Nico,
one of my favorite ships of all time, finally happened on screen.)

Suffice to say, being a mod of a Runaways board is more than I would have ever imagined,
even as little as two years ago. Here has been a small, but passionate community
with who I can discuss my love of the show -- and yes, even my love of the comics.
Just like the Runaways themselves, we've certainly had to band each other through hardship
(though a long hiatus is much nicer than supervillain parents, to be sure!).
But also, being a part of this board has given me a chance to reconnect with old friends
and meet new ones, too. Some people who I'd seen around FanForum before
but had never spoken to. And that's what I love about this board.
We may be small, but our board here means the world to me.

So, let's go hit 20,000 posts now! Excelsior!
- majesdane {Twisty}


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Celebrating 10,000 Posts of Runaways!
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